Up the Ante and Downsize Like A Boss

How to downsize without letting go of the things you love

Downsizing doesn’t have to mean throwing away everything you love.

So you’ve made the decision to move out of the big family home and into a smaller space. There’s one big problem, though: the giant house you are selling is filled with lots of stuff! Although you can sell, donate, or throw out a lot, there might still be things you just can’t part with. For instance, retirement doesn’t mean you have to give up your active hobbies, so you still need a place for your kayak, bikes, four wheelers, RVs, or any other toys that suit your passion! And don’t forget the heirloom furniture and other items of sentimental value that won’t fit in your apartment but you absolutely don’t want to leave behind.

Workstores has the ideal solution to your downsizing storage needs. Keep your valuable possessions secure with 24-hour surveillance, automatic gate, and staff on premises. All sheds are spacious and conveniently designed to high specifications, with electric roller doors, tilt-up panel construction, sturdy HD concrete floors and even skylights for natural lighting.

What’s more, a Workstores shed makes good economic sense. Instead of spending more money on rent, you have a real property investment that grows in strength even as it protects your valuable assets.

A Workstores shed gives you space and peace of mind, just what you need to start this new part of your life.

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Downsize without letting go of the things you love