What’s in store – Choose your own storage shed type.

Exclusive to the Workstores, we have the following shed/warehouse concepts ready to buy now…

  • The Workbase – Space to grow your business
  • The Warehouse – Perfect for tradies, wholesalers, importers and retailers
  • The Manshed – For campers, adventures, thrillseekers and hobbyists
  • The Engine Room – Luxury car owners, Statement makers, Boating enthusiasts

Whatever your need for premium space we have a Workstore concept for you in convenient locations through Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

See more below…

For your
weekday needs

Space to grow your business

lp-iconThe Workbase

For those working like a Boss.

Small business owners | Entrepreneurs | Salesman
Self-employed and self-made success story

The Workbase is a base for small business to set up their office and showroom in one, secure space.

lp-iconThe Warehouse

For those working away.

Tradies | Wholesalers | Importers | Retailers

The Warehouse is an off-site storage solution to support existing businesses, retail sites or showrooms that need stock on-hand but have limited space. The Warehouse is also a space for mobile businesses to safely store their vehicles, tools and materials in one, secure place.

For your
weekend needs

Space for your ultimate lifestyle

lp-iconThe Manshed

For those who live big and have the lot.

Campers | Adventurers | Thrillseekers | Hobbyists

The Manshed is a storage solution for those who like to live big on weekends. It’s also a sanctuary for those who love to tinker on their prized possessions.

lp-iconThe Engine Room

For those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Luxury car aficionados | Statement makers | Boating enthusiasts

The Engine Room is a premium garage for those who have a passion for high-end driving machines or watercraft.