Eagle Farm is Complete. Premium Warehouse and Shed Space

EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY. Below is a selection of photos of the finished product at The Workstores Eagle Farm. This premium storage and office space facility has turned out spectacularly and showcases the breadth of our premium product.

With a fantastic location and secure live-on-site management, The Workstores Eagle Farm has proven to be popular with luxury vehicle owners in need of secure storage for their prized luxury vehicles.

An influx of tradies have also made the choice to purchase space. Instead of cluttering their own personal home garages or sheds, builders, and particularly electricians have chosen to buy a premium space to warehouse tools and equipment. There’s also the benefit of the the mezzanine office space where end of day paperwork and invoicing  (and possibly a cold beer from the custom built bar) can be completed before leaving work officially for the day.

Clean, secure and watertight, The Workstores Eagle Farm not only offers the necessary space to grow a business but this prime piece of commercial real estate is a very sound investment.



Read Official Media ReleaseThe Workstores ahead of time to meet Brisbane Buyers’ increasing demand for quality strata sotrage sheds.